CONSIDEO MODELER 7.5 Free download


  • Publisher:Consideo GmbH | more software
  • Version:7.5
  • Operation System:Windows 2000
  • License:Free to try
  • File Size:65.9 MB

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CONSIDEO MODELER offers a revolutionary way to both visualize and analyze complexity, thus allowing for better planning, decision-making and communication. The program even allows for quantitative (e.g. system dynamics) modeling of scenarios. CONSIDEO MODELER allows you to go beyond mind-mapping your ideas, as you can easily generate complex models for any situation.
You can model politics, economics, management practices (e.g. systemic change management), complex projects (systemic project management), strategies (systemic strategy development), process optimization (OR), family matters, your work-life balance and plenty more to foresee what might happen in the future and to identify the best form of action for success.
Main features:

  • with Monte-Carlo Simulations based on the use of random values and the distribution of likelihoods of certain values you can run as many simulations you need to get as a result:

  • a spaghetti-diagram showing the possible outcomes of a factor

  • through the context menu of any plot of a spaghetti diagram you can see the combination of values that led to this outcome

  • a histogram of a factor shows the likelihoods of the different outcomes

  • you can view the descriptions of diagrams within their header

  • with the new diagram type ‘Selected Values’ you can choose points of time as columns showing the values of selected factors in rows. This is a very common view of data within business applications.

  • you can highlight those rows

  • as an alternative to slider manipulators you can now choose a list of parameters

  • you can choose the number of decimals to be shown within tables in the cockpit

  • you can alter the sequence of cockpits within the Cockpit Explorer via drag and drop

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